New Blog Direction!

Updated: Jun 3

I'd like to add a new element to this blog moving forward. Specifically, I'm interested in writing about artist mindset, motivation, and psychology – topics I'm currently immersed in as an effort to help improve my own art practice.

I'm learning a ton of great things right now that are helping me become more efficient, more motivated, and more resilient as I pursue my art career. I would've loved to have that information much sooner in life, and after talking with a few artist friends recently and seeing them working around the same mental and emotional barriers that I am, I feel compelled to shift the focus of this blog a bit.

I certainly won't pretend to be the guy with all the answers, but I'm working extremely hard on my art right now and constantly learning and growing, and if there's any chance the things that are helping me can help other artists who are at the same point in their career, then I feel compelled to share that information.

My work-in-progress posts will remain the same, though now and then I'll choose a topic related to creating art that has been a particular struggle or obstacle for me and share information from books, podcasts, interviews, etc. that is helping me work through those.

So the first post in this direction will go up in two weeks: Instagram Likes Are Killing Your Motivation to Make Art - Here's What You Can Do About It. Cheers until then!