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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Welcome to my new blog! Here I'll be sharing thoughts and insight into a variety of things that occupy my time and energy in life. The main focus will be my artwork. Beyond that will be all the things that inform that art with a particular emphasis on metal music, including thoughts about specific genres, albums, and even some articles about playlisting.

I also plan to dive into thoughts on contemporary politics and culture, the news media that covers those topics, and dedicate a post now and then to exploring a piece of creative culture that has been especially important or interesting to me in life. (For example, my favorite movie, Wayne's World, and my favorite comic book series, Savage Dragon, both turn 30 next year. They may get retrospectives here.)

For me, this is very much a fresh start. In a previous life I wrote a prominent blog and managed playlists dedicated to a form of throwback electronic music called synthwave. That was an exciting and challenging process, and for many years my articles were featured at the top of Google results and my Spotify playlists were followed by over 100K people for the then-new genre of music.

For a variety of reasons, I've chosen to put that behind me and focus more on my art and my original love in music: old school metal. So this blog is a new start, but in many ways it's also a restart. It's a chance to get serious about my own creations after a bumpy road following art school, to begin a new blog with everything I learned from my first, and to explore and share more about the music I love most in life.

I want to be as real as possible in this space. I won't lie that there are growing pains for a lot of things I'm working on right now, including the direction and content of this very blog. I'm sure things will change over time. (Update: they certainly have!)

Rather than present to you an image of a highly successful artist who's also a consistently clear-headed and decisive human being, I'd like to invite you to see some of the struggles in my art as well as the challenges and beauty of being an introverted person in a time of historic isolation and unease.

Maybe you can relate.

Check my about page for more info on my background or click the contact form to get in touch. You can also sign up for notifications about new blog posts and other goodies at the bottom of any page.

Thanks for being here, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



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