I was born in the Colorado Front Range area to a working-class family in the early 1980s. A lifelong drawer, the content of my images was heavily influenced as a kid by the entertainment culture of the '80s and early '90s. Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films like The Neverending Story, The Thing, Labyrinth, and Hellraiser were a prominent aspect of the era, and for me as a child they were portals into other dimensions – an exciting adventure into worlds far beyond my safe and uneventful suburban neighborhood.  

My enthusiasm for drawing and supernatural fiction was ignited around my tenth birthday when my father bought me my first metal album (Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction) and my first comic books. I was hooked. I spent my early adolescence entrenched in old-school metal music and comic books, soaking up the absurd and violent themes of Savage Dragon comics alongside early Gwar and Slayer albums. Like the movies before them, these forms of fantasy offered a riveting mental getaway into worlds where anything was possible. 

For me, drawing is an amazing way to express my love of fictional worlds. From the time my little toddler hands could first hold a crayon right up to today, I have been fascinated at how lines on paper – especially black lines on white paper – can fool the eye into seeing creatures and objects that have never existed in our world. It's a wonderful magic trick that turns pure abstraction into reality, and I never tire of the opportunity it provides to create and share new images with other people.

I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. I later detoured from art to focus on my love of music, building a popular blog and Spotify playlists dedicated to synthwave and working as the A&R rep for a large independent record label before returning to my true passion in life: making art.

Through the lens of my lifelong love for old-school metal, comic books, and sci-fi fantasy worlds, I create original artwork that embraces the absurd, the grotesque, and the fantastic.